The calendar says the first day of fall is Sept. 22.
But Montanans know better than that. Besides, with it being an election year anything past Labor Day pretty much counts as the beginning of the fall. With that in mind, here is a list of endorsements for statewide offices made by both Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana (PPAMT) and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana PAC, which is a new, but separate organization.

Governor & Lt. Gov. Steve Bullock & Mike Cooney
Secretary of State Monica Lindeen
Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike McGrath
Supreme Court Justice #3 Dirk Sandefur
Supreme Court Justice #6 Jim Shea
Superintendent of Public Instruction Melissa Romano
Attorney General Larry Jent
Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Jesse Laslovich

Planned Parenthood Action Fund has endorsed Denise Juneau for Congress.


Please join PPAMT and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana PAC in supporting these candidates for public office. If you have any questions or comments, please send ’em our way.